Type Of Restaurant Equipment Needed For A Pub Restaurant

Restaurant Equipment

Pub Restaurant


Every type of restaurant requires its own type of equipment and furnishings. A pub is a unique venue that has specific requirements so that anyone entering its doors will know exactly what type of food and beverage establishment it is. A genuine pub should have the following within its doors: 

A Wooden Bar 

The first and most basic of restaurant equipment that a pub requires is a long wooden bar and, if possible, with brass foot rails and matching bar stools. This will be the first piece of furnishing that will be noticed upon arrival. 

A Great Menu 

Pubs mostly originated in England so it goes without saying that the menu offered should reflect this. In years past, many pub owners chose to serve a standard fare of items such as fish and chips and Scotch eggs, but now many owners have developed their own distinctive selections. The printed menu itself though should carry on the theme and be of a vintage-style format on paper such as parchment. Your local supplier will be able to furnish you with menu covers and table tents. 

A Draft Beer System With a Variety of Choices 

Of course, a variety of bottled beer should be available also, but no pub is complete without those ornate spigots that pour out the most cold and tasty beers. Mug coolers should also be standard so each glass of brew is served icy cold. Many pubs now offer local craft beers as part of their wide inventories. 

Special Wall Art 

No pub is complete without the proper decor. Walls can be decorated with anything with a coat of arms on it, old barrel tops, vintage beer signs, and even English countryside scenes. 

Booths, Bar Stools, and Tables

Usually a pub is furnished with a variety of furniture which should include tall cocktail tables with bar stools, bar stools at the bar, booths against the walls and in the corners, and regular round and square tables with accompanying chairs. The furniture should be very well made, heavy, and somewhat rustic. Adding a few barrels around the room will add to the attraction and entice patrons to enjoy a beer or two around them. 

Kitchen Equipment

A pub usually serves several dishes, and therefore should be equipped with all of the standard supplies and equipment. Prep tables, pots and pans, cutting boards, grills, ovens, fryers, broilers, dish washing equipment, and mats are just a few of the necessities of a well-equipped area. Check with your restaurant supply company and get their input on the latest restaurant supplies

As you can see, it is a real challenge to combine all of the themed pub items with regular restaurant supplies and still come up with your own drinking and dining concept. Make a point to research these unique and very social establishments in England, Scotland, Ireland, and even Australia, but be sure to open and run this establishment with its very own unique personality.